Imagine being invited for a job interview and you start shaking even before you meet the interviews. Imagine going on a podium to address people and you can’t even walk. Imagine that worse case scenario.

Now, imagine having seated boldly in front of three people forming the interview panel and having that smile that just brightens the room. Imagine getting an overwhelming applause after making that presentation you have been working on throughout the week.

Well both two scenarios are possible but it’s up to you how you can turn scenario 1 into scenario 2, from the negative thinking to the positive one. Here are some few tips you can use to boost your confidence.

1. Eliminate all negative thinking.
Once you start picturing yourself as described in scenario (i), you will lose your confidence before you even leave your home. So, try and eliminate all negative thinking with the positive ones. Picture yourself conquering in your project.

2.Inject the positive thinking.
Once you eliminate the negative thoughts coming to your mind, you have to inject positive ones. With positive thinking, your attitude will change, you now become bolder and gradually directing your esteem to the right direction.

3.Look at yourself in the mirror.
Use a big mirror and pick few things positive for you just by looking at yourself in the mirror. If you see at-least five positive things about yourself, you are good to go.

4.Dress appropriately.
By dressing appropriately, I am not referring to wearing expensive gowns or attires. No, I mean, you have to be presentable. Whatever that you wear you must feel relaxed and have that feel that you are looking good. Your clothes looks much better if they are ironed and if they fit you well. Do not over-dress for your occasion as your clothes might attract unnecessary attention.

5.Be prepared.
That’s why they say, proper preparation prevents poor performance. You will never perform well if you have not done proper preparation. Even people in high positions, they have to master their speech before they go to address the masses, so you must do the same, master your game before you go into the field of play.

I hope you find this useful and you will share this document with others.

Stay Blessed, Stay Informed, Stay Awake.

Adam Malapa

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  1. thabo June 28, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    thise confident steps work soo miraculasly,they did help me in the time of need,guys take them in to consideration.


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